My works are glimpses of the moments when internal movement takes place.

The main theme of my work is the experience of the individual and the struggle for survival that reflects the phenomena of time and history. As broader phenomena, I am interested in generational experiences and human activities as part of a group. I’ve always tried to create characters that are open to interpretations and, for instance, let the viewer decide the gender of the subject.

In the past, I have studied for example the cultures of the fishermen and of the athletes. Animals like sheep have also become part of my photo gallery. The symbolism associated with animals and the relationship with humans runs strongly as part of human history.

The choice of materials is an important part of the nature of my work and the beginning of the process. The use of materials and techniques vary. Mostly I find subjects for my work through photography, and these photographs serve as sketches for my paintings. Mainly I work on painting on wood panels and painting installations.

Documentation and research are how I begin each project. I browse through old magazines and books. I’m inspired for example by visits I’ve made to late authors’ houses. Narratives and storytellers behind the narratives interest me. I’m also inspired by popular culture, horror and science fiction films, family dramas and biographies. I contemplate how history is repeated in modern phenomena and how the entertainment industry has taken part in the narrative continuum.

The scent and texture of the wood – as well as the fact that it has its own mind – inspire me. Carving wood reminds me of drawing and working with a line is important in my work.

In wall painting I am fascinated by its momentary nature, the relationship of expression with space, and the impact created via the texture of the wall. Wires, bricks and sockets on the wall.

In recent years, I have also extended my techniques to UV light paintings and audio works.

Lightness and heaviness go hand in hand.