Roses, Black birds and Witches at Helsinki Contemporary

My solo exhibition Roses, Black birds and Witches was held at the Gallery Helsinki Contemporary from 11.1. to 3.2.2019.

Camilla Vuorenmaa’s exhibition Roses, Black Birds and Witches explores superstitions and urban legends. The subjects of the works are witches, vampires and wizards. Vuorenmaa collected background materials in Scotland when she was living there in 2018 and has, for instance, read accounts of the history of witches and of children driven to the verge of mass hysteria. Around this same time, witches were coming up in the media and literature more frequently than before. Vuorenmaa is interested in the need people have to find a common enemy, and via which we seek to protect ourselves against phenomena that we do not understand. She, nevertheless, treats her themes with a certain humour and the aesthetic of her works contains references to 1990s horror films. We are on the boundary between good taste and the macabre.


There was a review of the exhibition in Helsingin Sanomat: