Exhibition to Hämeenlinna Art museum 2023


20/10/2023–21/4/2024, Engel building

Visual artist Camilla Vuorenmaa (b. 1979, Tampere) has a person at the center of her art, and her works often deal with issues related to humanity and humanity, such as individual survival, collectively shared experiences, myths and stories. Family and family photos are the central theme in the works of the exhibition to be shown at the Hämeenlinna Art Museum.

In her latest works, Camilla Vuorenmaa has moved on to deal more directly with themes related to her own life and life history. In them, the artist’s own childhood experiences, memories, fears and joys are reflected and mixed with contemporary experience and everyday life. The subjects of the works are, for example, the heroines of action films important in youth, as well as themes related to family, parenting and motherhood. The artist is also inspired by the world of fantasy, and in his works the typical fairy-tale reality meets realism, bringing with them the moods of dark fantasy or horror. At the same time, there has been a change in the formal language of the works towards abstraction and a more non-representative expression.

Vuorenmaa is especially known for his large-scale paintings based on wood carving, whose rich surface is created by carving, painting and drawing on a wooden board. His works are also often spread over the space in the form of wall paintings. The artist’s diverse production also includes paintings on canvas, spatial works, graphic art and video works.