Group exhibition Gaze at Gallery Susanne Pettersson in Stockholm.

New works at Gaze, a group exhibition at Gallery Susanne Pettersson in Stockholm.

S.P.G is happy to announce for the first time: four artist from Finland, curated by:
Hannaleena Heiska. 

The exhibition will run until December 22, 2018

Gaze – present: Hannaleena Heiska, Rauha Mäkilä, Olli Piippo and Camilla Vuorenmaa


I have chosen artists whose works have an emotional effect on me. It felt natural to invite colleagues whose working methods I was familiar with after countless discussions and studio visits over the years. This is about immersion, not about moving sideways.

Instead of a specific theme, the framework for the exhibition is formed by the intuitive way of working, which combines the artists and artworks. In the core of the exhibition is the gaze that each of the artists casts upon the world surrounding them. What connects them all is their way of processing gathered perceptions and experiences at the studio, in painting as well as through material experiments.

At the studio, a certain private experience is brought to a more common level, for others to experience. The gaze is filtered upon the artworks through the viewer’s own experiences and renders the works critically reflective. Foremost, and highlighting: I have chosen artists for the exhibition, whose works touch me emotionally. -Hannaleena Heiska