Wood in art group exhibition at K.H. Renlund museum(2022-2023)

K. H. The Renlund museum’s autumn 2022 exhibition featured a fascinating and versatile tree. The exhibition was on display at Roos’ house from 14 October 2022 to 8 January 2023. The works of five contemporary artists working in different parts of Finland were on display.

”The exhibition features sculptures, installations, works carved and painted on wood, as well as, for example, woodcuts, the latest of which is a traditional printmaking method. The artists in the exhibition use wood in very different ways in their work. The materials of the works vary from traditional pine to cedar and from birch to spruce cones.

As a material, wood is alive and full of meaning. As a part of artistic work, wood is also active and challenging – its behavior can vary in different conditions, and it can never be fully controlled.

Connections between the past and the present can be found in the subjects of the works in the exhibition. How are transgenerational meanings, traditions, stories and mythologies present in our everyday life? From what kind of tradition do we each draw meaning in our lives?

The artists of the exhibition are Tiina Laasonen, Jenni Tieaho, Hanna Vahvaselkä, Anniina Vainionpää and Camilla Vuorenmaa. The exhibition has been curated by the museum’s working group in cooperation with the artists.” Text: by curator Elina Suutari